An antidote to a bad rep

Last year Donald Trump gave companies and governments around the world how to carry out a media campaign, in a nutshell " if you can't beat them join them".  Based on how successful alternative media have been in recent years, Mr Trump realised that he could capitalise on this success so he opted out on established media recruiting mercenary styled freelancers media novels, to publish and broadcast his message ( Make America great again).

I was reminded of the Trump phenomenon when I saw how successful business are targeted by lone customers, at times who are not even inclined to go through standard procedure of customer complaints or simply are impatient to see through these procedures.

If companies can not solve issues as quickly or as reasonably as possible ( bearing in mind that we are living in the age of sound bytes), they should have an army of media mercenaries to deal with them as any involvement of media in unresolved customer complaints is a declaration of information war.

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