We all like extra cash in our pockets out of necessity or just for boosting our spending power, this is more so during the summer times as most folks go on holidays or shopping.  We will go over few things you have to consider while you are getting ready to rake in much cash needed within your reach.

Do you have new or used items you can do without or can you legally (lawfully) obtain goods ? If your answer to this question please read on.

First thing first, if you are a “can't do won't do, won't even try” folk please reconsider other ways to resource this cash, as Car Boot Sale is for the brave, the risk taker not for faint hearted.

Do your home work: you are doing well in this aspect by reading this blog and also other sites on this topic to find out venues on Car Boot Sale events, you will obtain information on Locations, Times and Charges.

Arm yourself with pennies and pounds: It is frustrating if you can't make a sale due to lack of change, you are not going to rely on your nearby Car Boot Seller either.  At least £ 2 worth of 20p, £ 5 worth of 50p, three notes of £ 5 and two notes of £ 10 will be a good starting point.  Please also make sure that big notes are genuine if in doubt don't go ahead with a sale.

Anticipate the rain: You can be sure eight times out of ten that it will rain when you go Car Booting on a sunny day forecast, so a pair of ground sheets (one to spread on the ground beneath the goods and another to cover the goods just in case it rains ), an umbrella and rain coat.

Window dress well: Sales display is important to attract crowds, get goods out of containers to where they can be seen.  Let your customers get what they paid for, so this will mean keeping expensive items with their worth to the last hour.    

Cheer up: Don't be disheartened if you are not doing as well as you expected, leave with your goods to car booting for another day.

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