The good press' price tag for Automotive manufacturer, is JLR being victimised by the media ?

It's true that the launch of Land Rover Velar at Vienna motor show in Switzerland was a success, this no doubt was reflected in the media at large.  For this jlr this month have seen good press mostly but also in some measure have been portrayed negatively in the news.

It only takes very "few bad apples to spoil the rest of the barrel", concerned media PR cannot and should not look the other way.

First in the month we saw an article about a customer who owns a Range Rover Evoque, making allegation on having very bad castomer service experience.  Later on in the month we saw an article claiming that customers in the UK are being ripped off by paying more for jlr products than their USA counterparts. It's easy to overlook just those two articles, but if someone is to survive in this information age they have to "grab the bull by the horns", actively engaging in this media warfare.

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