The landscape of 2017 top 15 classified ads websites in the UK

Back in 2012 an article was posted on the blog about top fifteen classifieds websites in the UK, you are going to revisit this subject and see what has happened over the last five years.  You will quickly notice that some websites which were doing well at the time have ceased to exist, whereas others have taken their place in some cases.  Also some websites have done well rising to the top of the list, whereas others have not done so well staying in the same position or even dropping few places down the list.

1. (no longer exist) now has been replaced by moving from the forth position in 2012

2. (for vehicles) has been replaced by on the second position

3. has been replaced by on the third position

4. have moved up the ladder leaving the forth position to

5. has not made many gains if we think about it, even though it has moved up in position, leaving the fifth position to

6., has been taken over by to redirect their website leaving this position to

7. has not moved at all, since 2012 it remains in seventh position.

8. likewise has not moved either, since 2012 it remains in the eighth position.

9. has not moved either, since 2012 it remains in ninth position.

10. position of 2012 has been taken over by

11. has been replaced by from its 2012 position

12. has made a leap to the second place leaving the twelfth position to

13. has leaped to the fifth position surprisingly enough leaving to the thirteenth place  

14. left the fourteenth position to

15. also left its fifteenth place to

It is not easy to work out why there have been so many changes in this area of Internet, but this shows that we have more surprises to come in the next five years.  If you would like to read further on the subject you will also find the last year of 2016 trends interesting, please let us know your thoughts by comments below.

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